Hi, I'm Leisha - welcome to Homemade Toast!

I began Homemade Toast as a blog to archive and share my favorite recipes. I intended for it to be a year-long project that I would compile at the end into a cookbook. But - I had so much fun trying new recipes and perfecting my favorites - that I kept at it, and here we are! 

I get asked pretty often - why Homemade Toast? When I was toying with the idea of starting up a blog, I was talking with my family about it. We were joking that I could create a blog that would teach one of my sisters, who is talented in just about every life-category outside the kitchen, how to make homemade toast. And the name just stuck from there!

One of the things that I have loved about Homemade Toast is how it has pushed me to try new things. I am constantly looking out for new recipes my family might like, and have loved making up my own unique dishes. Also, I have taken a hobby to photography along the way as well. I am far from calling myself a photographer, but my photos have improved so much over the last few years with the practice I have had taking shots of recipes to post - and its something that I have come to really enjoy.

I am so excited to take Homemade Toast to the next level, and start sharing more of what I love. I will still continue to post recipes, but you will also start seeing tutorials for DIY projects and crafts. I hope that this new change will continue to push me to try and make new things, serve as a creative outlet, and hopefully - inspire others to create as well!

Have any questions, comments or suggestions for the blog? Click the contact button to send me a message.

Thanks for stopping by!

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