the 3-Minute Mouse-Pad

As a graphic-designer-by-day, I use a huge mouse-pad so that I have enough room to move my mouse around the screen freely. I have used the same one for a few years now – and it was getting nasty.

I found a few tutorials on Pinterest for mouse-pad recovers that suggested Mod Podging fabric to your existing mouse-pad. I was a little worried that the Mod Podge would have left me with a stiff, inconsistent texture – but I was ready to give it a try, hoping for the best. 

Sponge brush in hand, I glanced over at some Wonder Under (an iron-on fusible webbing) laying out on my desk that I had out from working on some shoes for my Etsy shop. At that moment, I’m pretty sure I visualized a cartoon light bulb floating over my head.

The rest is history.

How cute is this? Ironing the fabric to the mouse-pad with Wonder Under was so much faster than using Mod Podge would have been. And even better, the texture and flexibility is perfect.

What you’ll need:
Wonder Under (iron-on fusible webbing)
an old mouse pad
a hot iron

First, cut out a piece of Wonder Under slightly bigger than your mouse-pad. And, your fabric just a little bigger than that.

Iron the Wonder Under to your fabric. Let it cool, peel off the paper backing, then iron to your mousepad. 

 Trim the edges.

 If you think that the fabric may fray – treat the edges with a little Fray Check.


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