A Week in Review: Grandway, Danielle LaPorte & Giveaway

You guys. This week has been insane. Aside from the chaos of work overload (a good thing, right? kinda?) I have met some incredible people this week.

On Wednesday, I met up with Grandway and a few other Utah bloggers. (Remember the apron review and giveaway I did a while back? Same guys.) We had an awesome lunch and got to hear all about their company’s story and show us all of their insanely cute products. I mean, seriously – I can’t even wait to go into more detail about how great these guys are! They are sincere and honest, and out to make a real difference. And, I want one of every. single. thing. they make.

I am so excited to soon be sporting this little badge on my blog!

Oh, and PS – did you happen to see my Instagram of all of the goodies they sent us home with? I can’t decide which is my fave! Stay tuned more Grandway product reviews and giveaways. It’s going to be awesome.

So then – yesterday, I got to go take a few photos from the Startup Princess evening with Danielle LaPorte. This woman is beautiful and amazing. I found myself forgetting to take pictures at times because I was just in a trance listening to her!

Danielle’s big thing is desire mapping – basically, turning your goals inside out and striving for the feelings that you want to achieve and have, rather than the actual goals themselves. I wish I could describe it in her own words – I left the night so motivated and excited to read her book Fire Starter Sessions. Her focus leans on the side of business, but her theories and ideas are applicable to anyone striving to become better.

Seriously, go check out her little promo video for the book – which she describes as “a soulful and practical guide to success on your own terms.” You’ll understand why I am so excited to read it!

I was practically giddy to leave with a signed copy of her book, which basically means that we are best friends now. Oh yeah, and because we are best friends – she signed a book for one of my readers too! Enter below!

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