Cinderella and Belle Princess Dress – Costume Pattern and Tutorial

It’s real. You’ll notice a few new changes here at Homemade Toast. (1) I am officially a domain owner. Horray! (2) I attempted to re-design. Not what I anticipated, and still working out the kinks – but I am learning and having fun along the way. (3) I’m going CRAFT!

Yup. It’s time.

One of the things that I have loved about Homemade Toast is how it has pushed me to try new things, new recipes, new ingredients, new hobbies. Cooking is something that I love to do, and also something that I love to share. (If only I could share the pounds too, can that be a thing?)

I am so excited to take Homemade Toast to the next level, and start sharing even more of what I love. I will still continue to post recipes, but you will also start seeing tutorials for DIY projects and crafts here at the blog (now sans .blogspot!). I hope that this new change will continue to push me to try and make new things, serve as a creative outlet, and hopefully – inspire others to create as well!

So, to kick things off – I thought I would post a tutorial for these cute little Cinderella and Belle dresses.

Meet my loves: Kyah (Cinderella) and Hannah (Belle).

They are sisters, best friends…. and princesses.

Like most little girls they are in love with anything princess. Particularly, princess dresses.

We have such an obsession with princess dresses in our home that Daddy finally instituted “Princess Hour.” The girls have one hour to wear whatever princess dress they want, their crowns, their magic wands, their plastic high-heels. Sometimes they even get to wear lipstick and blush.

When the hour is through, the idea is that they will change back into their play clothes and put their princess clothes away. We are trying to get through this phase without tears, but it has yet to be perfected. We’re working on it.

So, it came to no surprise that Kyah insisted on being Cinderella for Halloween.

Hannah just wanted to be a princess like her big sister, and I just love her dark skin in yellow – so I subtly convinced her to be Belle. Didn’t take much.

I first went to the fabric store – looking for a pattern that I could adjust to what I had in mind. I didn’t really find anything I loved, and I wasn’t excited about spending $8 on a pattern I didn’t like.

So, I decided to make my own.

My number one priority was for the dresses to be comfortable. My little sillies like to dance and sing and wiggle and run. Their dresses needed to be able to do those things, too.


I thought about using a stretchy knit at first – but I loved the idea of using shirring pieces to add flexibility to the dresses. Knit fabric just doesn’t have the same princess appeal as shiny and sparkly fabric does.

Needless to say, the girls LOVE their princess dresses. Although, I think the best reward came when I showed Kyah her dress for the first time. Her eyes lit up. But, before she ran to her new dress – she ran to me, gave me a hug and said “I love it so much Mommy!” Can’t beat that.

Halloween is less than 2 weeks away! But there is still time. Promise, your little princess will go nuts over their handmade dress. And, who says they even need it for Halloween? Princess are princess anytime of the year – at our house, most of the year!

Both the Cinderella dress and Belle dress are so different and unique – but they both have one thing in common – the shirred bodice. The shirred bodice is what makes the dresses so comfortable – so my little princess can dance and play just like princesses should.

I love the way the Cinderella dress flows, and how the little hip poofs (yes.) are actually poofy. It adds so much dimension to the dress, and is a distinguishing characteristic of the classic Cinderella dress.

And then there is the Belle dress. I was a little hesitant at first, using so much fabric – but it is surprisingly light weight and so comfy and soft, not to mention those ruffles are to die for on pretty little girl!

These are my first ever tutorials – I am learning and apologize in advance for any mistakes that you may find. If you have any questions about a tutorial or pattern – please comment or contact me directly through the link at the top of the page and I will answer as soon as possible.

Also, please excuse my well-loved cutting mat. If you have a princess in your life, I’m sure you understand. :)

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  1. Anonymous says

    These are darling! What a wonderful end to get mommy loves…still love to get those when I sew something cool and trendy for my preteen.

  2. says

    Wow the dresses are beautiful and your tutorial is fabulous! You explained everything so well I feel like I could actually make one. I have a 3 year old that would just die to have one of those dresses!

  3. says

    WOW! You are truly talented, such a fantastic post. Your girls must be super excited in those dresses. I am very jealous and may try making one in adult size :)

  4. Anonymous says

    LOVE the dresses-well explained on what to do but couldn’t get the belle dress to show directions. :/ not sure on skirt will have to check back-maybe my computer

  5. says

    Holy criminy, Leish! I had no idea you had made these! What pretty little princesses! They definitely have thee coolest princess costumes I’ve EVER seen. :)

  6. says

    Hi there.
    Dresses are amazing and I have been inspired to sew both for my little ( my first sewing project) I would love to start with Belle’s dress, but I do not see the tutorial? Also please advise how much and what Material I would need fo rthis?
    Thank you so much!
    Roxanne-South Africa

  7. says

    These two princess dresses are absolutely precious. Nice job and thank you for sharing your creative process, it’s really helpful!

    In case you (or any of your readers) are interested, there is a creative costume contest at and the grand prize is $250. You are free to enter as many times as you like, so long as each entry is unique.

    Thanks again for these unique costumes and tutorials.


  8. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the awesome post! I made the cinderella dress for my daughter for this last halloween and she still wears it weekly!! And every princess party we go to I get loads of compliments (which really should be passed along to you). Any chance you’ve made other disney princess dresses for your girls? Ive been searching around for tutorials so I can make her more princess dresses, but none come close to the quality of your design–love love love the elastic thread :-)

  9. says

    Hi, I am from Ecuador, and i like this dress but i have a problem with the sizes because we don’t use the same sizes here, I am average height, and i am a medium size in my country. But i need help with which size should i choose?

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