Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chicken Bryan

One of my favorite restaurants is Carabba's - and every time I have been, I have ordered Chicken Bryan. It's so good - after trying it, you won't be able to convince yourself to order anything different! One day I was craving Chicken Bryan, so did a little research and combined a bunch of different "copy-cat" recipes I found online to come up with this one!! A few people have even told me that they like this recipe better then the meal they get at the restaurant. I have made it with both wine and apple cider vinegar, and while I prefer the wine, the apple cider vinegar still tastes wonderful. This is really an elegant meal, great for family dinners or perfect for entertaining.

*click to enlarge*


  1. I was wondering when you would put this up! It was so tasty. Shoot, now I'm craving it.

  2. I made this last night, it was soo delicious!



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