Feta Turkey Burgers

These are delicious, and healthy! As usual, I snuck in some fresh spinach which added a lot of nutrition, flavor and color to these burgers. The day after I made these, I saw a similar recipe on a blog I follow – but it also had sun-dried tomatoes mixed in! I thought that would be sooo yummy. Next time, I’ll try it out!

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    I love your blog, Leisha! The recipes are creative and yummy, and the way you have them set up to print out is great!! Just one quick question…didn’t you used to be the little girl who sat at my table and insisted that ketchup was “too spicy”?

    Love, Mom

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    (Haha, your mom is great.) I love the new setup where it says what else I might like. And this recipe looks amazing! Are you getting a lot of followers? I think I’ll probably tweet it from my Ricky Martin account, I think the latin pop music lovers of the world deserve to see this. :)

    Let’s hang out! Okay bye.

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    I just ran into Vahe on campus & he invited me to your blog & then I found this! I love recipe blogs because I am such an amateur cook…

    will you ever post your DELICIOUS artichoke spinach dip??? i have been trying to find one just like yours but haven’t been able to find one.

    hope all is well! your baby is GORGEOUS!

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