Leek & Spinach (and Bean) Soup

I get a “recipe-of-the-day” email from allrecipes.com and this soup recipe was one from last week. I had never cooked with leeks before, so I thought I would give it a try. Vahe would eat soup everyday if I made it, but my soup-making variety is definitely lacking. So, I really am trying to find new (and unique) soup recipes to add to my little collection.

Anyways… I made my own variation of the recipe that was sent to me and LOVED it. I think that leeks are going to be a new staple for me! I am not a huge onion fan because their taste is so strong and I just don’t love their texture (unless they have been cooked very well, or chopped very small), but leeks are a perfect substitute! They taste like an onion, only very mild and fresh (fresh like: cilantro or cucumber fresh – what’s the word I’m looking for?). Anyways – I am going to try to start substituting leeks for onions in some of the dishes that I make to see if I like the change!

Back to the point… this soup is EXCELLENT. I just can’t get over how much I love the flavor of the leeks. The white kidney beans and spinach (another one of my favorites) compliment the taste really well too. It’s a simple soup, with not too many ingredients, and it is wonderful. This could also easily be made vegetarian by substituting the chicken stock for vegetable. Try it out!

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