Eyelash Extensions from Sandy Zibetti

Ok, so I have a LOT of catching up to do. Since I’ve been at the blog last, I’ve had a BABY and have been doing this insane diet called Whole30 I want to tell you all about. But for now, I want to tell you about my monthly splurge.

I first got my eyelash extensions about 6 months ago. I had always wanted to try them, and when a great deal on Groupon came around – I finally gave myself the excuse to go for it. I thought I would just keep them on through the set and single fill that I purchased with the coupon, but I couldn’t stop! I have been completely hooked since.

Here’s the thing – they are a little pricey. You’re looking at $50+ a month depending on how often you get them filled. But the payoff, for me, is well worth the money. I am not a make-up girl – mostly because I just don’t have time in the morning! Since I have had my lashes, I really only put make-up on a few times a month. I love waking up and not feeling that I look as tired as I am! Ha! My lashes take my frumpy-mom level down a few notches, almost compensating for the yoga pants and pony-tail combo I sport daily. I also love the excuse to just lay down for an hour every month doing absolutely nothing. That, itself – seems worth the money to me!

I started out going to a lash salon to have mine done, and recently found Sandy. Can I just say, not only is she the cutest thing in the world – but she does an absolutely phenomenal job! I am very fair and have very thin & short lashes. I love how she uses lashes of varying widths and lengths, depending on my own lashes, to give me a natural look – that is still full and thick, but not awkwardly long like you may have seen on some girls. If you want to go more dramatic, just let her know – she can customize your lashes exactly how you want them!

If you are in Utah Valley, and already have lash extensions or are even thinking about getting them – you have got to give this girl a call or find her on Facebook! She has very competitive rates ($45 for a 3-week fill) and honestly does amazing. And, if you mention that you saw this ad on Toast – she’ll give you an additional $10 off a fill or $20 off a full set of eyelash extensions!


I have been compensated for this advertisement, but opinions are 100% my own!


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